After meeting as a result of their kids’ homeschooling experiences, Stacy Foley, a therapist and educator with a trauma-informed approach, and Devany LeDrew, a former kindergarten teacher and a homeschooling expert, ran into a pandemic where suddenly, seemingly everyone was interested in both remote education and mental health.

Making the best of a historically awful situation, the duo from Annville combined their powers to create Cardigan Academy, a digital parenting, mental health, and education help, services, and support consultancy organization.

Stacy Foley (left) and Devany LeDrew (right) met through homeschooling and have combined their skills of therapy and education to create Cardigan Academy

Now, they have brought Cardigan Academy to a potentially global audience with a new podcast, with episodes on topics including locating the right therapist, setting boundaries with coworkers, and even what to do when your kid is lying and how to accept a compliment.

“We started to realize that our work is really about parenting, mental health, and education, we think of it as a sort of Venn diagram of the three,” said Foley, whose  children Kate and Max have created online services themselves. Before the pandemic, she had been already been setting out ideas for classes and support groups on parenting and mental health, and LeDrew had been wanting to do a podcast.

Over the past year, the two have also been hosting virtual “Cloups” – part-classes, part-support groups that meet regularly to discuss key issues such as therapy, gentle parenting, healing from toxic childhoods, and other issues, Foley said.

Cardigan Academy is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and beyond

The podcast concentrates on the same mental health, education, and parenting issues. Two episodes come out per week, with the two recording episodes over Zoom from their houses’ walk-in closets.

The first episodes appear on Tuesdays and are based on a Q&A format for teacher and therapist advice. Podcast listeners can submit questions via a Google Form “Dear Cardigan Academy,” which can be answered in upcoming episodes. Those submitting questions can choose to remain anonymous.