Local residents Nichole States and Julia York have created a podcast devoted to gruesome crime, the supernatural and all things creepy.

Murder, Mysteries, Monsters, and Your Mom debuted on June 13; there are almost a dozen episodes available online. It is available on any podcast platform and to date has garnered hundreds of listeners.

So far, topics have included Mothman, the conspiracy surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe and serial killers, among others.

“We plan our topics separately,” said States. “We have a general idea of what we’re going to discuss, but this is not scripted.”

New podcasts have been available every few weeks, and will become more frequent in the fall.

“We’re telling you and each other the story at the same time,” said York. “It’s off the cuff – it can be slightly awkward, but fun.”

States added, “We entertain each other because we learn from each other.”

The moms generated the podcast idea by simply spending time together.

“We just hang out, and this is what we talk about,” said York. “I was planning to start a podcast anyway, and had already started the process, and Nichole said, ‘Well, it can be about this.’ We ordered some microphones and here were are.”

States is more the true-crime enthusiast, while York is intrigued by the paranormal.

“It does overlap,” States said.

Referencing the hugely influential TV show “The X Files,” States said, “Julia’s the Mulder, and I’m more of a skeptic, like Scully.”

“I can’t think of a time when I didn’t believe in the supernatural,” York said. “I’ve had enough of my own experiences to know that there are things out there that we cannot see. I watched horror movies as a kid, read about the paranormal, played in cemeteries.”

States connects her love of true crime to a notorious murder that occurred in her hometown when she was a pre-teen.

“I was like, this really happens,” she recalls. “I really paid attention. As it’s become more normalized in our culture, I read and watched true crime constantly.”

States is “open to the supernatural”, she clarifies. “I work in MU’s North Hall, and I know lots of people who’ve had ghost experiences there. I just haven’t; maybe doing this show will make me more attractive to the ghosts.”

York, who is a nurse, said, “This is great because it’s so different from what we do all day. It’s a little mom time.”

York has two young children and States has one, and the podcast is full of mom jokes and parenting tales. It is not, however, suitable for kids – the moms’ language can get a bit salty. To include younger listeners, the Moms are planning kid-friendly episodes in the near future, focusing on historical mysteries such as the Loch Ness Monster and Stonehenge.

The moms encourage listeners to share their own tales of the unexplained or horrifying with the podcast.

“Maybe a crime occurred in your hometown, or you’ve had your own paranormal experience, or you just want to tell parenting stories,” said States.

Those with a story can email mysterymompodcast@gmail.com.


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